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You Either Win or Your Learn with Keri Shull | EP. 7

Keri Shull is the epitome of resilience. Having moved 13 times before the age of 18, she learned how to adapt and thrive while being introduced to a new environment. Those skills helped shape her future and made it possible for her to build a residential real estate team of over 120 people. Admittedly she had no plans to be a real estate agent; in fact, she was a very successful sales manager at the age of 22 and had no intentions of leaving a job she loved. However, when presented with an opportunity she could not pass up, she took the risk and fell in love with being an agent. When asked how she remains at the top of her game, Keri admits that she has always been somebody who loves to work. She finds joy and fulfillment in helping others and striving to promote her own personal growth. “Be in the room with people who have been where you want to go.”

Keri explains how starting a family made her feel as a very career-focused individual, “for me as a mom, it caused me to have hesitation. I always knew that I wanted to have children; that was a really important element of my plan in life. But I didn’t know how having children would impact my ability to do work, to do my job, and fulfill my mission on my work journey. And I grew up with a mom that stayed home, and one of the things she told me, which I now believe was a limiting belief, was she would tell me, you can’t have both, Keri. You will see when you have children you can’t be a mom who works and a mom who’s really connected to your kids… that limiting belief was inhibiting my potential.” She describes what it was like to come to the emotional realization that she was stuck, and as a woman who values personal growth, she had to overcome this. “I think there are a lot of entrepreneurs, we get stuck, and we don’t know where to go or what we want to accomplish next. Or maybe we accomplished what we thought we wanted, and then it doesn’t feel as great as we thought it would, and so we have to recalibrate what we’re after.” Keri elaborates on how moving so many times as she was growing up helped shape her future success, “I am really comfortable with change, and so I think for a lot of entrepreneurs and people in general, we resist change to our detriment because just around the corner of change could be something great.”

Keri shares one of the scariest moments of her life and what she learned from it, “So I just had my fourth child when he was two weeks old, maybe two and a half weeks old I had a moment where everyone was melting down…I was trying to feed him, and the sling flipped, and I almost dropped him on a tile floor… here’s what I learned from that moment I have four children, five and under, and I still have multiple businesses that I am running, I have my family. I am going to be living in chaos for a while, and I am going to have to calm down and be okay with that.” She realized that what she needed was to quiet her mind and not allow herself to get overwhelmed by the chaos, which has rung true in other aspects of her life. “We can’t control everything that’s happening to us, but our reaction and how we choose to move forward, that’s all we can control.”

“My message for anyone out there is know what makes you tick and then move in that direction.” Keri discusses how she finds a balance between work, family and her own needs. She prides herself on setting boundaries and carving out time to dedicate to each aspect of her life yet obtains the freedom to work when she wants to. When asked what has consistently been on the other side of fear for her, Keri answers with, “It’s always a big win. And no matter if what we are doing works out the way we wanted or not, it’s a big win because there are so many lessons involved.” She discusses how being around people who are where you want to be is a substantial motivating factor. Still, anyone who says they have never doubted themselves in those situations is lying.

“The impression that people have sometimes is that successful people haven’t had really heartbreaking failures…those hard times are what prepares us to be truly successful. What’s most important to me is never stopping.” It is an important sentiment to remember that you either win or you learn. Keri shares one of those heartbreaking failures, “The quick version of this… we ended up in a lawsuit and lost over a million dollars from doing this project. That could have been the end, by the way; we could have said, oh, we shouldn’t do real estate developments.. what a sad lesson that would have been.” In the process, she learned that she could do anything as long as she is focused on learning and that it is okay to walk away from an opportunity if it is not with the right people.

“You are on the right track because you are someone who is listening to this conversation.”