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Adding Value & Attracting Business with Josue Soto | Ep. 106

Josue Soto is the CEO of the Soto Legacy Group out of Orlando, Florida. He and his wife owned a brokerage for the last ten years called Equity One Realty and now stand as one of the top Brokerages in Orlando. Just a few months ago, Josue, with some local partners, created a global alliance with eXp realty, each having their own teams and organizations but all helping to leverage each other. Right now, this alliance is one of the fastest-growing organizations with eXp.

Josue has been in the industry since 2006 and has witnessed many market shifts. When asked what he has noticed evolving in the last few years, he points out, “Right now if you haven’t made the change, the slight change in your business when it comes to social marketing and just being more present in front of people, you’re going to be left behind, man.” He noticed these changes gradually over his career in real estate, which is one reason he chose eXp. He aligns himself with people that he knows will help him grow and build his brand, which he says is an integral part of success in this business.

“People need to know who you are, let’s just say that… we have to be able to understand and express who we are as a whole.” He explains that if you are not familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc., which are tools to make branding yourself and connecting to people more manageable, you need to align yourself with someone who is and who can help propel your business forward. While discussing how the pandemic affected the industry and how it became crucial to have a social media presence to survive the market shift, Josue explains how he prepares for challenges like this. “I knew that I had to align myself with someone that was going to help me build my brand itself. Sometimes we try to do things on our own, but there’s much more than that, guys.” Connecting with someone who knows the ends and outs of the algorithm and how it is constantly changing will help you keep moving forward.

When asked what lessons he learned while working with us and how they helped his business, Josue exclaims, “Video content, man. You’ve got to get in front of the camera.” Even though he felt uncomfortable, he knew how important it was for his brand. He interviewed local small businesses, highlighted current events, and that made the most significant change in his growth. “You bring out the best of us, Grant. You give us the blueprint on how to be successful in social media. So, if you’re able to understand what Grant and Witly are giving you, and take advantage of all these educational videos and everything that you guys are able to provide to us, then you’re going to grow your business.”

When speaking with people like Josue, there seems to be a common theme with being a successful person: be yourself. “Today I am spending some time with my kids, or tomorrow I’m out shopping with my wife. You gotta switch it up; it can’t just be the same routine. And this is what’s going to show who you guys are as a brand.” Everything you are doing in your daily life can become content and help you connect to your audience. Josue explains how important it is to remain consistent and put forth the effort to create or leverage that content every day. Utilizing paid ads is an excellent way to do that. “It has grown my business by 10 to 20 percent…trust me when I tell you guys, I have clients calling me telling me, hey man, your face keeps popping up on my social media, and it’s because that’s the point of it. You gotta stay in front of the consumer.”

Josue explains how utilizing social media has drastically impacted him and allowed him to grow his team. “When we were able to showcase who we are as a team, as the CEOs and team leaders within our team, that’s how you grow. Honestly, we don’t chase anyone; we’re not that type of team. People come to us because they see the value in what they get in us.”

Lastly, Josue suggests, “Analyze and see where you want to go, who you are, and what kind of value you want to bring.”

If you would like to connect with Josue Soto, you can find him at sotolegacygroup.com or sotolegacygroup.work and by phone directly at 321.945.8315.