Episode 61: Interview with Chris Tosswill of Addressable
April 17, 2020
Ep 63: Interview with Greg Chaffin
May 4, 2020

Ep. 62: Interview with Jonathan Hawkins


Former Intelligence Officer, Jonathan Hawkins, shows us how stories impact the brain and how we can use them to grow an incredible brand in the Real Estate industry.

Jonathan combines intel and brain science to do things quite a bit differently in the real estate world which propelled him to the top 1% of brokers in California and in today’s episode he’s going to show you how to use these principles to grow your business.

Most people will tell you to use stories to get your message out there but few people understand what that means. Most Agents end up using facts to market themselves and that’s a critical mistake. When you share a fact with someone, I.E. “I just sold 123 main st.” people use two different parts of the brain to process that information. When you tell a story, the brain uses five different parts of the brain. When you tell a good story, the person even puts themselves into the narrative and thus makes themselves a part of the story you’re telling. When you can get a person to fit themselves into your story, you increase the likelihood of them taking an action with you.

When telling a story, you should understand that there are four parts to telling a good one:

  • Structure
  • Relevance
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency

Here’s an example of how to put this into practice. Let’s say you’re marketing an open house. You aren’t really marketing the house whereas you’re marketing the experience the buyer may have. For example, “come see where your kids can play in the pool after baseball practice.”

This also applies to content creation in your market. Instead of telling (facts) your audience what you’re doing each day, let them be apart of the experience. Share your personal stories and experiences with people and let them become apart of it. This will allow you to create an incredible relationship (brand) with those in your audience you hope to do business with.

Listen in and learn more about how you can use stories to grow your business!

To learn more about Jonathan, make sure you connect with him at www.thehashtagagent.com