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Energy, Mindset and Manifestation with Jen Cudmore | EP. 9

Jen Cudmore is an energy coach who started her career in holistic kinesiology. When asked how she sees energy and mindset impacting business professionals’ success, Jen says, “If you’re wanting to vibrate as, you know, a high-level business person or create a level of success, you need to first create it in the spiritual before it can become in the physical. To me, it’s sort of a no-brainer. Everything I’ve created for myself and the success that I’ve had has started because I had a flicker. Like I had a light switch on…, and then I had the strategy to follow.” Jen is a true believer in manifestation. She believes that if you set your intention and it is something you truly want and believe can happen, it will come true. She adds that for someone new to this type of mindfulness, it may take practice and work. 

“What I see working so well for the long-term game and for the integrity piece is really you’re here for something. You’re here to help people you’re here to serve, and you’re here to do something bigger. Once you’ve locked and loaded in your brain pathways…then you just get over yourself and go and do what you’re called to do.” Jen believes that when you are in true alignment with yourself that you will attract opportunity and success. When asked if she thinks we get signals when we are out of alignment, Jen answers with, “I think we all get signals, and some people don’t read them. Some people just don’t want to go that deep.” She explains that some people think a strategy is not working, or they need to do something different, but the truth is that they are just not truly aligned with themselves. Jen explains that for someone to figure out who they are meant to be, they have to want to, and if you’re really activated in who you’re meant to be, other people will be inspired by that. If you feel like you are being blocked from realizing who you truly are, you may have to work through trauma or find what is stopping you. And when asked how she helps people get through those hurdles, Jen explains, “There are usually things to clear, there is something in childhood, something in the generational line… I am going into every corner and sweeping out that corner, and I follow the kinesiology on it.”  

When asked how she navigated the lows in her life, she says, “I learned pretty early on that if things were ever not going well that I would get help straight away.” She reiterates how important it is to recognize when something is affecting your energy negatively and how to get the proper care when it happens. Her driving force is not wanting to see anyone in pain, and that is where she finds her passion. 

Jen explains what vibrations mean in referring to one’s energy and feels that it truly is the magnetism of you as a person. “We are evolving always into a higher level of consciousness, and the higher that you go, the lighter your energy is, so you’ve got a lighter sort of frequency. So when we are working with money and when we are working with success, people think they have to go heavy and hard, but you actually need to go lighter. From that lighter energy, they’ve got more access to imagination.” Jen believes that when you reach that level of lightness, it will attract like-minded people to you. 

Jen challenges us to manifest for more while simultaneously knowing that what we have is enough.

If you would like to connect with Jen, you can find her on Instagram @jencudmore or on her website: www.jencudmore.com