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May 29, 2020
Developing Content Catered to Your Community
June 5, 2020

Episode 69: Interview w/ Gogo Bethke


No matter your situation, controlling the things you can control will allow you to focus on activities that add value to your business and life. Even if you have no money, no sphere of influence, and can barely speak English, you have the ability to control your effort. That is an important lesson you can take away from today’s podcast because my guest today did just that. On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast I was incredibly blessed to have Gogo Bethke, founder of the Gogo Real Estate Team, join me to discuss marketing, sales, business, and how you as a real estate agent can grow your business.

Gogo was born in Romania, Transylvania, but felt in her heart the call of the American Dream. At just the age of 21, Gogo moved to the United States all by herself, “I got this great idea that ‘I’m going to America to chase my American dream’ and so I did back in 2003”. At that time Gogo got a “real job” in corporate America where she unfortunately had to go by the name Gwen, because her employers found Gogo to be “unprofessional”. This would turn out to be a big moment in Gogo’s life because when she got her real estate license, she was left with a few choices. She could use her real name, go by Gogo, or answer to Gwen. Because of her masterful mind she decided to go with what she believed would catch the most attention, Gogo. Thus, Gogo’s Real Estate Team was started.

Starting out was no walk in the park, unfortunately. Gogo had about $6 to her name, no marketing budget, no sphere of influence, no experience, no education, and could barely speak English. In times when you’re faced with barriers to entry what do you do? Do you give up and walk away? Or do you try everything in your power to get through? Gogo, did more of the latter. “I started Gogo’s Real Estate on Facebook initially because I didn’t have a marketing budget, but needed to build a brand and a make a name for myself,” she thought that even if she wasn’t able to put money into her marketing she could invest the next best thing. Her time.

In the past 8 years, Gogo has created and shared over 38,000 posts to her social media accounts. That averages out to 11-40 social posts per day! “I did the math. I divided the 38,000 posts and divided it by the amount of sales and I was like okay my posts are about $35 dollars apiece,” Gogo and I both agree that it is SUPER important to understand this number because marketing, branding, and content creation are activities that don’t immediately yield results. “Its not like you’re going to post and the leads are gonna come in. You’re going to post with the intent that with each post more and more people are becoming aware of your existence and that you’re a realtor,” Gogo says that you aren’t necessarily trying to bring a lead in with every post, but you’re trying to remind them that you’re there when they need you.

This is why Gogo’s team no longer has to call anyone. Customers call her when they are ready and she makes the deals happen. You have to put your focus onto the things that are really creating brand awareness. Don’t use your marketing dollars on some antiquated method like mailers when you can create custom videos tailored specifically to the areas in which you’re in business. Create content centered around your community so that you become the real estate leader in your area.

You might be wondering, “how in the world can someone come up with the ideas for 38,000 social media posts?” Gogo is obviously a mastermind marketer, but the formula is very simple. As an agent if you’re doing the work that you should be doing, you have content right in front of you. Use the everyday annoying things that you have to deal with as an agent and make a video explaining it or give your followers an inside look at your life in your area. These techniques create a connection with your community based on your similarities rather than just your job.

One thing to understand is that Gogo’s path has been forged completely on her own. This doesn’t have to be the way that you do it. Just because you want to work on another team with a different brand to learn the ropes, doesn’t mean you can’t promote your own brand as well. Gogo’s method obviously worked well for her but because she did it all by herself it took a longer time. You can join a team and soak up as much information as possible in order to learn the business, and eventually start your own. There is no perfect method to creating your brand there are just techniques that you can make your own.

If you want to learn from a self-made, champion of marketing then you don’t wanna miss this engaging interview.

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