The Surprising Method You’re Not Using To Grow Your Business

The Surprising Method You’re Not Using To Grow Your Business

How can you expect to build a business when no one knows or understands who you are?

Bust out. Become a power player.

To grow your business, you have to focus on busting through obscurity.  Become a power player in your industry. Taking the steps needed to bust through obscurity will help you become a more well-established power player in your industry. That, in turn, leads to referrals. The fact that you are focusing on a hyper-local level will enable to you become known more easily. But what is the fastest path to busting through obscurity? How can you quickly move from being an unknown to being an authority in your own space?

You need to get in front of the camera.

  1. Consumers give celebrity status to the people they see on video.
  2. It is an easy way to get your face and name out there.
  3. It builds instant connection and relationships.
  4. Facebook loves video creators! They are releasing new ad opportunities to advertise locally called local awareness campaigns. You can use them to target ads to your local community.

Now, it’s time to leverage that influence and those leads.

Once you become a known power player, you need to focus on converting your leads. As your business grows, you’ll have more resources to invest in your business.

Keep great records so you can see what marketing efforts are working for you. You need to be able to track your ROI (return on investment).

Make a spreadsheet that tracks the following:

  • The amount of money you’re spending.
  • The number of leads you’re getting.
  • Your conversion rate.

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