EP.55: Interview With Brian Culhane
October 14, 2019
EP.57: Interview With Brand Face
October 23, 2019

EP.56: Interview With Keri Shull

In this episode Grant Wise has a super informative and valuable conversation with the one and only, Keri Shull. When Keri was deciding what she wanted to do career-wise, she had to decide if she wanted to go into or real estate or become the “Oscar Meyer Weiner Girl”. Luckily, a dear friend and mentor encouraged her to become a Realtor. She then made what she thought would be a temporary move from Oregon to Washington, DC, where she still lives today.

Keri has built a lucrative career for herself, including a team of 75 real estate agents, a coaching business and an online training program. It’s not only hard work that she credits with her success. She has a degree in Public Relations and Psychology and she notes how much studying people plays into being a successful realtor.

At the beginning of her career, Keri had no vision for her future in the industry, no real training and no one she felt like she wanted to emulate. These things are the driving force behind her success as a Coach. She wants to help other agents to avoid feeling how she did. Lost, if you will. Keri is extremely passionate about helping others succeed. It’s really neat to see how her desire to help others has mostly been the key to her own success.

When asked what three things she would suggest to a Realtor who is just starting out, she said, “Get to a live event. Hire a coach. Invest in your people.”

Tune in to hear her elaborate on those answers, as well as give us a ton of other useful knowledge. She’s the real deal. You don’t want to miss this.

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