EP.54: Interview With Katie Lance
October 7, 2019
EP.56: Interview With Keri Shull
October 21, 2019

EP.55: Interview With Brian Culhane

In this episode Grant Wise had the chance to catch up with Brian Culhane. As the cofounder of EXP Realty, you can imagine that he had plenty of value to share. Born and raised in Chicago, he relocated to Arizona after 29 tours of duty, playing college basketball and a bunch of various other jobs. When he arrived in Arizona, he had no money, no car and no job. He mentions paying for fast food with change because that’s all he had. But his luck would soon change. He met his future wife and got his real estate license. Things only went up from there.

One of the things he credits with his success is that he listened to a personal mentor and jumped on the Facebook train in 2008. He quickly realized what a lucrative marketing tool is was. It was, and still is, the best way to put yourself out there without having to pay much money. He wholeheartedly believes it’s one of, if not the best, marketing tool you have as a Realtor.

Brian’s success continued to mount over the years. EXP has now expanded to Australia and the UK. He said along the way, he and his business partners had to start thinking a little bigger. The results were astounding. Collaborating with people, taking advice from people who know more than you, then applying it have also been really important in his success story. He stresses that an organized group will always outdo one individual.

One really interesting thing about Brian is that he takes really frequent ice baths. When he first started talking about it I thought it sounded crazy, but as he started to explain the reasoning behind it, it really makes a lot of sense and I think could be an extremely valuable tactic.

He said, “A little bit of pain can create a lot of good. Keeping yourself uncomfortable for small doses of time can really build up your obstacle immunity. You start facing down your fight or flight response. You’re sewing seeds of badassery into your self conscience.”

When you put it that way, it actually sounds like something worth trying! Tune in for so many more nuggets of value. This episode is packed with them.

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