EP.53: Interview With Tim Harris
October 4, 2019
EP.55: Interview With Brian Culhane
October 14, 2019

EP.54: Interview With Katie Lance

As a self-proclaimed “marketing nerd” Katie spent a few years in the business before she stepped out on her own. She’s now an entrepreneur, coach and public speaker. Alongside her husband, Katie helps people get smarter about social media. The very first thing she stresses is how important it is to build an authentic brand.

“This is the difference in attracting clients and chasing leads.”

I thought that was such an eye opening statement. Sometimes agents get so caught up in chasing leads that they don’t view them as actual people. Being comfortable in your own skin and putting yourself out there will not only help potential clients figure out if you’re a good fit for them, but it will also help you realize what type of clients you want to work with as well.

Katie says that just like anything else you do in your day-to-day business life, you need to create a system for posting on social media. She suggests that in the beginning you chose one social media outlet to focus on and make sure you are touching five people a day. If you focus on personal interactions with five people each day then that will be a great place to start! Katie says there are people in her program who get 50 – 80% of their business from social media. She can’t stress enough what a huge deal this platform is in this day and age. There was a time when agents had to build their brand solely on door knocking, cold calling, etc, but in those days social media was not an option. So why not take advantage of the tools you have at your disposal?

She is obviously super knowledgeable on the subject and it’s super neat that we are getting free advice that most people have to pay for. So listen when she says building a brand for yourself is timeless and of huge importance as well as considering social media as a place to distribute your content. There’s so much more she had to say.

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