EP.51: Interview With Luna Ge
September 30, 2019
EP.53: Interview With Tim Harris
October 4, 2019

EP.52: Interview With Sam Debianchi

Tune in as Grant Wise sits down with Sam Debianchi. As soon as she starts talking you will likely be captivated by what she has to say. She’s the real deal. She built her brand and her career from the ground up. She hangs her hat on growing her business organically. And in today’s world where it’s so easy to fall into the “make money quick” mindset, hearing what Sam had to say was not only different, but really valuable and intriguing.

Ten years ago, Sam decided to make a major career change. At 25 years old she was managing night clubs and while real estate is a stark contrast from busy night life, Sam says she learned a lot of things that can be applied to her current career, as well. She says it’s all about understanding people. It’s about figuring out how and why they spend. And about how what you’re selling is presented. In the beginning of her career, Sam worked at a few large brokerages, but after a year and a half she decided to go out on her own. After what she admits was a hard and somewhat discouraging start, Sam is now featured on Fox News, CNBC and many other news outlets, as well as being the first female featured on the popular TV show, Million Dollar Listing.

Sam stresses the importance of getting back to basics. She says you need to find what you’re good at. You’ve got to figure out how to get people to listen to you. It’s also important to get out and actually get in front of people. Shake some hands. Put a face with a name.

“When people think of real estate, they should think of you.”

That will only happen by putting your face out there and building your brand. For example, in 2012, Sam picked up a news paper. She realized there was no real estate column so she contacted the Editor. She asked him if she could write a column for the paper. He told her he would first have to give the opportunity to the many Realtors that advertised with him and about a week later, much to her surprise, Sam received a phone call that she could begin writing the column. Apparently, no one else wanted to put in the work, but that was clearly not the case for Sam.

Sam left us with one last key piece of advice that I, personally think is the most valuable nugget of information in the whole interview. She said, “Be persistent and consistent. Never think that you are too good or not good enough for anything.” Simple, but really profound. You don’t want to miss this podcast. It is truly full of advice, wisdom and motivation.

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