EP.49: Interview With Chris Patille
September 25, 2019
EP.51: Interview With Luna Ge
September 30, 2019

EP.50: Interview With Jason Cassity

In this episode Grant Wise connects with Jason Cassity to discuss his success in the real estate industry and what he did to get to where he is. I found Jason super intriguing because he’s not your “typical” Realtor, as far as what you would picture. He’s wearing a t-shirt and has an overall really chill demeanor. Kind of a breath of fresh air in, what can sometimes be, a very formal industry. As soon as he starts talking, however, you quickly become aware that his tenacity does not match his outward laidback appearance.

In six short years, Jason has propelled himself into the position of being one of the real estate world’s biggest influencers. Jason and his team of seven other people have taken the San Diego area by storm. As if his company wasn’t well known already, Compass recently became the Premier Club Sponsor of the Padres baseball team. Talk about exposure!

Jason’s knowledge and hard work has earned him a Circle of Excellence award the last 3 out of 4 years in his community and most recently he was named one of the area’s “40 under 40”. People are noticing what he’s doing and clearly, he’s doing it well. He warns Realtors who are just starting out not to spend a lot of money on the front end. Nothing will replace hard work and just putting yourself out there. Another key piece of advice he gives is to find people you admire, people who have been successful and blazed trails before you, and mimic what they have done while adding your own flair. If you see that someone is very successful, pay attention to what they did to get there and apply it to your own practices.

One of the biggest things that he credits with his success is his presence on social media. Little things like sending a short message to his new followers on Instagram, can become big things later when they are needing a realtor. If you connected with them and created a personal experience right off the bat, chances are when they need a Realtor, they will think of you.

“Social media is not just busy work. It’s literally your job.”

Jason stresses the importance of utilizing social media to get your face in front of people and build a brand for yourself. Figure out what works for you and do that. You really don’t want to miss everything he has to say. It’s good stuff.

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