EP.48:Interview With Dusty Baker
September 13, 2019
EP.50: Interview With Jason Cassity
September 26, 2019

EP.49: Interview With Chris Patille

In this episode Grant Wise catches up with Mr. Chris Patille. After spending the last eight years in the mortgage business, you can imagine that Chris has a lot of valuable information to offer up about the industry and what it takes to be successful.

Chris started out in sales after college, but decided to make a transition into the world of banking. He couldn’t possibly know at the time just how lucrative that decision would be for his career. He doesn’t keep it a secret that he worked for several different companies over the first few years in the business before finding his niche’. He thinks it’s important to be real and transparent with people, letting them know that you have to be happy with your job in order to be the best at what you do and it’s okay if it takes you awhile to figure out where that is. He stresses that being a human being is your biggest selling point. People like people that are relatable.

About three or four years ago, Chris says his goals just clicked. He knew where he wanted to go and he quickly started mapping out how to get there. He credits social media with a lot of his success. As uncomfortable as it was at first, he started a weekly video session on Facebook Live that he calls Mortgage Monday. What started as just an idea to help him build his brand, ended up propelling him into the category of “Influencer”, as thousands of people now view his Facebook Live video each week. You could say that Chris Patille is currently a household name in the mortgage business and that’s why, he says, it’s so important to put yourself out there. Chris also mentions that not only is social media a huge tool for building your brand, but it’s also a platform to educate people about the homebuying experience. It’s important to give as much of yourself as you can to your clients. After all, they are what it’s all about.

“You have to give before you get” is the principle that Chris has based his career on.

Build a rapport with people. Let them know you care. Invest in relationships. Find your wheelhouse and be good at it. These are the core values that have gotten Chris where he is today. It’s obvious that he practices what he preaches because he’s got a great success story to prove it. You don’t want to miss what he has to say.

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