EP.46: Interview With Julie Youngblood
September 6, 2019
EP.48:Interview With Dusty Baker
September 13, 2019

EP.47: Interview With Lauren Taylor

In this episode Grant Wise gets to hear from Lauren Taylor, who will really blow you away with her perspective on being a Realtor. We hear so much in the real estate market about closing the deal, but Lauren takes it in a whole other direction. From Lauren’s approach, it’s almost like the sale itself is the least of her worries. She knows it will come if she builds trust and a good foundational relationship with her clients on the front end.

Lauren got her license as a Financial Advisor right before the market fallout, which pushed her into a new career as a Realtor. She quickly learned that if you want to make it in the real estate industry, you have to focus on marketing and branding yourself. You have to stand out from everyone else.

“You have to be able to stand on a platform and yell out what you do that’s different.”

Lauren mentions that the industry loses 50% of it’s agents in the first year. She says that the difference between the people that succeed and those who don’t is how they are marketing themselves and how well they appeal to the consumer. Another reason some Realtors fail is because they are looking for a quick fix financially. She cautions that this is definitely not the case here. You have to lay the foundation and be patient.

One of the most intriguing things Lauren touched on is something she calls a “customer awareness funnel” which is basically the mindset that you get in with perspective clients before they even need your services. If you wait until they do need you, then your competition will be way more steep. Get in on the front end. When they do need you, they’ll remember your name. This also builds trust and the foundation with people that is key to being successful. You just have to find your niche’ and be your most authentic self.

Another valuable piece of advice from Lauren was about how lucrative it is to figure out who you like to work with. What type of people and why? The way to figure this out is to ask yourself two questions. Did I make money with this client? Did I enjoy it? If the answer is yes to both, then you know that type of client is a good fit for you. She stresses the importance of being happy in your career. She says, “If you don’t have happiness, you won’t have purpose.” And I think we can all agree that when we don’t feel like we have purpose in what we are doing, we fall short.

This podcast is truly so full of great information and advice. It really forces you to think outside the box. After you hear it, you will realize why Lauren has been so successful in her career. Click the link below to listen in.

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