EP.44: Interview With Dirk Zeller
September 2, 2019
EP.46: Interview With Julie Youngblood
September 6, 2019

EP.45: Interview With Brandon Wise

Brandon Wise was overwhelmed as he was beginning his career as a Realtor. He felt like he needed a system to keep everything in one place so things wouldn’t be so overwhelming. He happened to have a friend who was just starting out as a computer programmer. They put their heads together to create the internet based system Brandon had in mind. Thus, Wise Agent was born in 2001.

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Ironically, Brandon created this system for himself and the benefit of his own career. He never dreamed over 10,000 users would be logging in to take advantage of it themselves each month, but people took note of what he had created and how beneficial it could be for Realtors all over the map. Wise Agent was essentially a game changer in the world of real estate because it truly saves so much time and is so efficient in many other ways, as well.

In this episode, we discuss Wise Agent, but Brandon also gives some key advice for a successful real estate career. He stresses the importance of keeping your name and face in front of your clients, even after the deal. Staying relevant with your clients on a long term basis can create a lifelong agent/client relationship and can also boost referrals. Brandon suggests that realtors get to know their clients on a deeper level. Pay attention to what they love and cater to that. If that means sending a text when their favorite sports team wins a game, remembering their birthday and anniversary, whatever it may be that makes your client feel like you are invested in them outside of real estate, do that. Brandon also mentioned how important it is to pay attention to how your clients like to connect.

“It’s important to connect on the level that they like. If you know that they’re a Facebook Messenger person, take advantage of that. Don’t send them emails if they’re not opening your emails, but you see that they’re active on Instagram all the time. Also, make notes of that in your CRM so you’ll remember their preferred method of contact.”

In conclusion, we asked Brandon to discuss his favorite feature about Wise Agent and he and Grant both agreed that one of the coolest aspects about it was how it can incorporate contacts in such a streamlined way. But, it doesn’t stop there. It also digs deeper. Wise Agent can take someone’s name and email and locate their social media accounts, other contact information, etc. So, essentially you have the opportunity to get to know clients beforehand. Imagine how much more personal this could make the relationship building between Realtors and clients. TO learn more about Wise Agent and all of it’s awesome benefits visit: www.wiseagent.com.

Brandon Wise is an incredibly smart guy. He is super humble and you can tell when listening to him speak that he is just genuinely happy to be sharing whatever he can with people to make their lives and careers better. We’re incredibly lucky to get to hear all he had to say. Click the link below to listen.

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