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July 8, 2019
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EP.44: Interview With Dirk Zeller

An expert in all things real estate, Dirk Zeller, was a Top 10 Agent in the 10 state region at the height of his career as a Realtor.  At his peak, during the late 1990’s to early 2000’s, Dirk was selling an average of 150 homes a year. After climbing the ladder of success as a Realtor, he decided to transition into coaching and training people who, like him, are trying to build a successful career in real estate.  Dirk was inspired by his father, who was able to retire from Dentistry in his mid-fifties, due to hard work and exceptional time management skills. Because he was such a good time manager, he was able to see more patients in a day than the average Dentist. Being intentional about time management will allow you to have more interactions with people each day, which will, in turn, help grow your business.  

Listen in and absorb as much of this valuable input as you can.  This is 30 minutes of free advice that most people have to pay money to hear, and rightfully so.  It’s that good!



Not only is Dirk a life and career coach, but he’s also an author.  He has written eleven books that have made it to the Best Sellers list.  Can you imagine the gold mine of information written across those pages? He also owns 60+ rental properties, solely on his own, without the help of any outside investors.  One of the main reasons he has been able to make so much profit, is because he doesn’t have to share that with anyone else.  


Dirk says, “Yes, you need a relationship.  Yes, you need to be liked. Yes, you need to be trusted.  Part of the trust, though, is that you’re an expert. The relationship is important, but it’s not enough in today’s competitive marketplace.  You’ve got to do both and consciously do both.”


It’s living by his own words that has helped him be so successful in the many facets of his career.  It’s much easier to take the advice of someone who has followed their own principals. Someone who practices what they preach, if you will.  Dirk has definitely done that and has achieved epic success because of it. In addition to being an expert, he stresses the importance of time management, face to face interactions, and intentionality.  Coming from someone who has coached many, many people into successful careers over the last 20 years, this is very valuable advice that we would be so lucky to take and apply to our own daily lives and careers.  


You can learn more about Dirk and what he’s about by visiting his website at www.realestatechampions.com.

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