EP.41: Interview With Carl Allen
April 28, 2019
EP.43: Building Monster Teams, Recruiting, and Automating it All
July 8, 2019

EP.42: Interview With Jay Baer

A Digital Marketing savant, Jay Baer got his start in the game back in 1993 when you could domain names for free, and the simple act of taking action would get you the types of results you dreamed of.

Jay now spends his time helping his clients build a story their customers can tell. Having done a fantastic job building his brand, in Jay’s current venture, he helps his clients do the same.

Jay feels that the best way to grow any business is to have your customers grow it for you. Your customers can become your best marketers, and the best way to do that is to give them an engaging story to tell.

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So the next question that comes to mind is this: “How do I tell my story if I don’t feel like I have one as a REALTOR?”

The simple answer per Jay’s book: Youtility for Real Estate

Be more helpful…

It’s easy to think that you have the “secret sauce” to buying or selling a home, but the truth is that nobody does. Instead of trying to guard this process, share it!

Jay interviewed an agent in a market who took this to heart and typed out a 62-page PDF that gave away his entire process for selling a home in Florida.

What he quickly realized is that people would download his free PDF and get through maybe a third of it. They would realize how much work it was to sell a home on their own they’d quickly give up on the PDF and call the agent that gave it to them.

Adding value to your customer’s life is incredibly easy when you realize that business is unlimited, you can share all your secrets and still win, and that the more “helpful” you become, the more your brand and your story evolve and grow.

Check out Jay’s new book “Talk Triggers” at www.TalkTriggers.com or check out this show at www.TalkTriggersShow.com. Make sure you grab a copy of his book for Real Estate agents, Youtility for Real Estate”.