EP.33: Interview With Bubba Mills
March 4, 2019
EP.35: Interview With David Huffman
March 15, 2019

EP.34: Interview With Preston Schmidli

Once Preston Schmidli realized the need for marketing in insurance, he knew that it had the same application in real estate. He left his insurance company and started a real estate brokerage from scratch. That was the start of financial hardship for him, he notes, specifically when he got the note on his door that he owed the electric company six hundred dollars and they were going to cut his power in two days.

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He threw out a hail-Mary and created a list of over four thousand real estate agents, offering his services for a seven hundred fifty dollar retainer. He had one agent sign up, and he paid his bill two hours before they cut the power and got some food in the fridge. He knew this was the direction he was headed!

How important is marketing to a business? “Like oxygen to a body,” Preston says. He goes on about how there are so many options with an organic or paid marketing plan. “We shouldn’t even call it marketing, we should call it being in business because it’s that necessary.”

For the agent that does not know how to get started, Schmidli relays three steps:

Find a mentor and a mentee. A mentor is obvious to most, but a mentee is where he believes you do you do most of your learning. Find someone that you can restate everything you are learning to- even if it’s your five year old.

Give yourself the time. Spend sixty minutes a day learning about the subject- there are resources everywhere, even free ones! Money and time are not real reasons in today’s economy of content overload.

Dive in! Commit to something for at least ninety days. The first thirty and last thirty are exciting, but that middle thirty days are when people quit because they’re in the grind and they get stuck and walk away. In reality, Schmidli argues, the growth, breakthroughs, and mindset shifts happen in the middle stretch.

In the service industry, how do we add value?

Content is important, but more so entertainment. The easiest thing you can do is be existent- make your social profiles actually public. He jokes that if a business had a brick and mortar, the owner wouldn’t just want family to come in to purchase your product. Show what you love to do in business. So even if you do whatever business falls in your lap, begin only to communicate about the things regarding the intended client. Then, make sure you’re posting about things you like to do outside of work. When you post what you’re passionate about, those who carry that same interest will engage with you. Lastly, post about the thing that you can’t live without. Preston promises the agent that keeps these in rotation and intertwined to start seeing grow over the course of a year.

Connect on facebook.com/prestonlovesmarketing or read his book: If I Were You