EP.32: Interview With Chelsea Peitz
March 1, 2019
EP.34: Interview With Preston Schmidli
March 11, 2019

EP.33: Interview With Bubba Mills

Bubba Mills grew up with his mother, a single parent, who worked in the finance industry. He best remembers doing homework underneath her desk as she hustled to get her work done.

He has carried that same zeal into his businesses since, feeling a strong calling to do a substantial amount of giving personally and through his business endeavors. He serves women in need and those in rehabilitation centers. Mills says he feels this calling because he “came from poor” and knows the feelings that come along with hardships.

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Bubba has been working as a coach for almost thirty years, focusing on mortgage clients, real estate agents, and small businesses. Mills’ students represent one hundred ten of the top two hundred fifty recorded by the Wall Street Report. He happily takes on all types of clients from beginners to mega teams so that he can stay keen on all types of businesses and provide an opportunity for high level coaching to newer agents.

Bubba Mills sticks a real number on how much he believes marketing is part of the value of a business- a striking sixty percent. ”You either have to have a brand or a value proposition,” he says. How will anyone know how your business can serve them better than a search engine can?

As most agents chase the next shiny object that will propel their business to new heights, Bubba speaks about his experience learning from top names and watching others implement every strategy of their favorite coach. “I’ll be me and you be you,” he says about taking each part of training and mirroring a coach exactly. He says the reason that most people don’t experience the success they are looking for from these big names is because they are not that person and don’t have the same qualities- strengths, weaknesses, personality, and actions. He recommends taking from each and implementing in your own way through your own efforts.

If you don’t have raving fans, your satisfied customers don’t matter. Raving fans are where the the money is. Invest time in the leads you already have- referrals can’t be bought! Don’t keep throwing away your money on new leads.

Demographics don’t matter, everyone is using technology every day. You’ve got to be present! You’re a dinosaur if you can’t be found online, and people don’t believe that you are credible.

On the other side, he notes not to overuse technology- at the end of the day the agent has to pick up the phone and write postcards, because business has to be a high-touch face-to-face community (something like handshakes versus emoji’s at the end of the day).

Bubba leaves with two nuggets of wisdom; the very best way to grow your business: build a team around you that supports your weaknesses and influences your strengths. A chef forms a restaurant, but doesn’t fulfil every position in the company. Lastly, when you expect it instead of respect it, it doesn’t work and it doesn’t last. Success has to be earned!

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