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February 25, 2019
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March 4, 2019

EP.32: Interview With Chelsea Peitz

Chelsea Pietz has parked herself in the marketing industry and is the National Director of Social Sales for Fidelity National Financial in the title and escrow business. She has been in the industry for twenty years, starting as an agent, and transitioning to the title and escrow side after the crash in 2008.

When the crash took full force in Arizona, her home state, she and her husband lost everything and felt like there was no better time to jump into creating business outcomes from social media interaction for other businesses.

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She is passionate about branding and social selling in a “non-spammy way.” She classifies the type of marketing she does and teaches from the standpoint of how agents are using all of the free social media resources they have to connect with potential clients.

“Marketing is about creating conversations and sharing who you are and your story.”

When Chelsea first started, she had different intentions than how people started to recognize her. When she realized that she was known for being the personality that she was, she started to hone in on that.

Pietz shares a few practical steps of how to get started using social media to market small businesses:
Not having every detail nailed down is not a good enough reason not to get started!
Actually tell people the thing you offer, explicitly. Let friends know who you are and what services you offer that set you apart- typically referred to as a “Value Proposition.” Friends and followers want to see an agent show up all the time with the same energy sharing really valuable or relatable/wantable information. “Don’t discount that you are connecting with people because you are showing up!” she notes as she encourages agents to keep going even if they feel like their engagement is not growing astronomically right off the bat.
Consistency means having a schedule and actually setting aside the time to create content. It’s more about the commitment and growing a rhythm than the frequency.

How does marketing like this really help a business? Chelsea’s answer to this question piggybacks off of Grant’s interest in parasocial relationships. She notes that people do not know the difference between being who is right in front of them and who they see on a screen. When that compounds, followers feel like they personally know the agent before shaking their hand. Chelsea refers to this as a “trust acceleration system” and Grant adds that when an agent markets this way, they align themselves in the same news feed next to the Kardashian’s, Donald Trump, and any other star of the moment, leveraging their ability to give themselves a celebrity status.

In Chelsea’s time researching the connection between our brains and celebrity status through social media she learned that the brain fires in a certain way for every person we see! Her best piece of advice is to take some time to use the affinity that people have for you and grow your brand!

IG: @chelsea.peitz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chelseapeitz1