EP. 29: Interview With Ricky Carruth
February 15, 2019
EP.31: Interview With Tyler Jack Harris
February 25, 2019

EP. 30: Interview With Jessie Morfin

Jessie Morfin, 37, lives in San Bernardino, CA has been in real estate sales for fifteen of the last twenty years. In the last five years, he has transitioned from sales with the very clear goal of streamlining the sales process for the individual agent. Through his efforts, Jessie runs a brokerage that now closes fifty to sixty million a year with consistent ten to fifteen percent growth and a unit base that hangs near one hundred seventy-five thousand dollars.

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About sales as a whole, Jessie details his view as an “everyday-evolving business. You’ve got to find what works for you.” In both his practice and his book coming out, Uncover The Facs, he teaches the three portions of business that exist in the real estate industry- Finder, Appointment Setter, and Closer. Morfin believes the F-A-C of real estate is all there is to have covered. More importantly, he teaches that an agent must first determine which portion they are best at and do that really well, and find other ways to supplement the remaining two portions.

How can agents overcome what seems to be the hardest part of the business? We’re talking about follow-up. When you go to a fast food restaurant, you have to recognize that there is one person that takes your order, one person that prepares the food, and one person that actually hands you what you ordered. There’s a process. If you teach your agents how to hunt rather than just growing the number of agents in your brokerage and handing them the keys, you won’t be a recruiter for the rest of your life. Too many leaders are taking home too small of paychecks because they aren’t being the support agents need and training their staff all the way through sustainability.

A sales template is good for both new agents and seasoned agents. The process is the same every single time, but the outcome is different every time in real estate. It took me three to four years to develop this through my own business.

Morfin says it’s easy to get an agent to double their business, showing them how to implement systems. He goes on the say that to triple is to push even harder. But, how to quadruple? He believes the answer has everything to do with leverage.

One asset he teaches agents to leverage is their CRM (Customer Relations Manager). He believes that if you’re using a CRM, it needs to completely automated. An agent has to do is show up and do what the CRM says each day. It makes being self-employed a little less tedious when it comes to having to take care of assigning yourself tasks every day to make sure you’re keeping up with your database of past and future clients.

A CRM is good for long term and short term clients to help get communication going and stay top of mind, but at the end of the day, face-to-face is how you close deals. Jessie says his go-to way to close low-hanging fruit is engaging with people by offering them a free gift for attending his open houses. If you are truly providing great value for your clients, people forget they are being sold to!

Facebook: Jessie Garcia Morfin
Website: Salesprocess101.com
Book: Uncover the Fac’s