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Marketing Your Listings Using Video with Ed Hutchinson | Episode 82


Today, we hear from Ed Hutchinson, a Real Estate Agent working in Los Angeles capitalizing on making video tours of homes to create and close leads. Hailing from London, England (you’ll enjoy listening just to hear his great accent) where he worked in
the luxury property market, he made the move to LA and spent his first year and a half with almost zero clients. Inspired by the work of Gary Vaynerchuk, he quickly learned the art of how to grow a client base through video marketing. He has now been selling luxury homes in LA for 4 and a half years. He wears a suit and red socks every day— this helps build his personal brand because people know who he is when they see him and hear his British accent.

Ed tells us, “I was constantly posting and documenting my life as an early agent.” He now works for Compass working on the digital side, doing LA mansion tours, creating video tours, selling homes, and continuously generating followers with over
100k followers on both Facebook pages and Instagram. Edward has rental portfolios in both London and Los Angeles and prides himself on understanding the mind of the investor. “Relationship is everything. You need to have that trust with that person,” Ed tells us in this interview, “That first hour of engagement is everything, people’s attention spans are
very short.”

So what is his secret to a great video? It isn’t necessarily about the quality or perfection; it’s about pressing play and getting it posted. He told us, “I have 2.8 million views on a Tik-Tok post and it’s not even that great of quality video!” It’s less about perfection and more about putting out quantity. He has a process for putting together videos: Take your best clip of the house, film a short intro, and then film 15-second clips of each room. Once you’ve got all of those clips put together, you have an IGTV video ready to post. He also talks about building relationships outside of clientele, “I build relationships with developers because they care about building the brand around their company, so they contact the realtors and then realtors push them to the developers.” It’s an “I help you, you help me mentality.” Sharing videography with those developers creates shared

So how do you know what will make posts successful? Depending on how many likes, comments, and hashtags are on a post, it will push your post higher into the algorithm of the feed.

“Share posts to relevant DM groups so that they can comment and like it to give your post the highest chance in that first hour,” Ed says. Asking questions for engagement can help create engagement on your posts, “That first hour is crucial.” If you want to know more about what he does you can follow him on

Instagram @ed_hutch