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Transforming Your Business Using Remarketing with David Sodemann | EP. 107

David Sodemann is a Realtor with Realty ONE Group out of Iowa and Georgia. He has been a full-time real estate agent for twelve years but has put his primary focus into investor business for the past eleven. When the Covid-19 pandemic started, his business took a pretty substantial hit. That is when David came across Witly and spent the last year reconstructing his business model. He learned to generate leads in an entirely different way than what he was accustomed to; through social media.

“About a year ago, you were on the Realty ONE Groups “Waking Up to Win” video conference that they started doing at the beginning of the pandemic, and a lot of what you were talking about just kind of clicked with me… I came up with a homes list ad and gave it a shot, and literally, within, I don’t know, four hours of the ad going live, I had gotten like three leads. I mean, it was that fast.” David talks about how he continued to use this strategy for the other marketing material he has created and kept seeing excellent results. When asked why he thinks the strategies he used to use were so different, David explains how he was more focused on himself and realized he needed to focus on helping people and making sure they know you are there for them, not the other way around.

David explains how an essential part of his new business model is to automate as much as he can in order to put all of his efforts into communicating with his clients. When asked how video has impacted his production, David says, “I love video, I have a lot of fun with video, and the videos I shoot are not always about real estate.” David adds that the number of responses he gets from people who already trust him and feel like they know him is astonishing. “Before, I was chasing after these people… now it’s a total reverse of the situation… It starts that relationship with them before you ever show up at the door. They get a sense of who you are, they get a sense of how you sound and how you talk, and they start to build this relationship with you, and you walk up, and it’s like you’re best friends already.”

When asked how his conversion has gotten better David attributes it to, “You have to consistently make time to pick up the phone and follow up with people and try to avoid the distractions.” He adds that automating a lot of the process has helped tremendously and given him the time to focus on consistency and nurturing those client relationships. Reconstruction of his business model has changed the trajectory of his leads, and he predicts his business will triple this year. “Honestly, Grant, it has been a liberating experience going through this transformation.”

If you would like to connect with David, you can find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/david.sodemann.