Episode 60: Suneet Agarwal
April 3, 2020
Ep. 62: Interview with Jonathan Hawkins
April 23, 2020

Episode 61: Interview with Chris Tosswill of Addressable


In this episode of the Marketing Genius podcast, I got to interview the founder of Addressable, Chris Tosswill.

A former Facebook Developer, Chris has built an incredible piece of technology. He’s constructed a robot of sorts that will use a ballpoint pen to write postcards and letters for you to send to prospects. I got to see this machine in action when I met Christ at Inman in Las Vegas last year and I had to get him on the show.

In this episode, we talked about how his technology works and how you can put it to work for yourself to increase your conversion. While I don’t think direct mail works well to a cold audience, I think there are few things more powerful than a hand-written note to someone who you just met, even if it was through your marketing.

That’s actually how I purchased my first Russell Brunson book, “Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Business Online with Sales Funnels“.

I had opted into something Russell had put out and a few days later received a postcard with an opportunity to get the book for free. Brilliant conversion strategy. Learn all about how you can leverage both automation and handwritten postcards to increase your conversion rate in this powerful interview.

You can learn more about Chris and the Addressable organization here: www.Addressable.app