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Chris Kubbernus is a master of social and digital marketing. He knew he wanted to be in marketing as young as 12 years old, reading books on marketing cover to cover, and doing an internship in marketing at age 14. He went to school for communications, and moved to Toronto, Canada to start a career in Venture Capital. In 2008 he moved to 2008 and got married. He worked for advertising agencies and on the marketing side. He started his own agency, Kubbco in 2016 and started working on personal branding building his own company doing social media and management for large brands, mainly pharmaceutical companies.

“The best kind of content is when you understand the audience, you understand the people you are trying to target, and you are mixing content with context… the best method to find out if it works is testing with Facebook or Instagram you can split test that and find out what works,” Chris explains.

When you’re looking at analytics, many companies are looking at reach, but Chris looks at shareability, because that is where he believes he is going to get the greater reach and impact.

If you’re a realtor, you’re talking with customers who are buying and selling houses, so you are in that community. What are they talking about? What are the asking for or searching for? Are they asking what the neighborhood is like, or schools are like? If you sit down and think about what the common challenges your clients face, then you can create your content based on what your clients want. Based on your competitors, maybe you can do something more entertaining and spice it up a bit to make yourself stand out.

As a real estate agent, you can really stand out by being transparent and by working against yourself in some ways by explaining how to negotiate a better rate. If you want to be in the community and help your clients, you have to understand how to help and do better across the board.

I like the quote, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. Your brand is about reputation and what sort of things embody what you’re about, your values. Everyone knows Nike is about empowering people to do better. It’s about the spirit of what they’re about, what they create, how they advertise; it’s in everything they do. “If you’re building a brand you should start with those things- you need to start with your values. What is the end spirit or embodiment that we want with this?” Chris explains.

What Chris has noticed through the development of his own brand is that some things stick, and some things don’t. You can’t appeal to everyone with your brand. When you put out content and start expressing yourself, maybe it’s your authenticity, your humor, or your backstory, you’ll have to see what your audience connects with and then really zone into what your audience connects with the most.

Video on Instagram Stories, Facebook, and Snapchat has helped a lot to get the face out there in marketing. Go to social media first, put out content, and see what is working; connect with your audience and then expand upon them. Put out content that makes you an expert, such as “What Are the Hot Areas You Should Be Buying In”, then build on that with a blog post or a podcast.

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