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Following the Vision for Your Happiness with Carla Araujo | EP. 2

Carla runs coaching and training programs with agents and women. She has been in business for 17 years with various businesses since the age of 23 with a UPS store. She is a licensed real estate. 

She has suffered from depression and anxiety, and in the past, it has held her back from achieving what she wanted to achieve. She grew up with a mentally abusive father and was also constantly bullied, beat up, and told she wasn’t enough. She even found her marriage falling apart at one point. She didn’t feel worthy of anything and came against so many hurdles because of how she grew up. You can read more about her store at dothework.com

She had pent up frustration and anger and took it out at the gym in weightlifting and competition. She also took it to the video camera and shared out. She quickly realized that this anger had to be dealt with. She burned a lot of relationships because of this anger. 

 She is an outgoing, loud and assertive woman, but it took her years of being beat down by her own words and thoughts to grow out of that and become who she is today. “When you’re at the bottom of the pit, instead of crawling your way out to the top and continuing running, stay at the bottom of the pit and start to talk to yourself and continue to go even deeper than that, and when you find yourself so deep those stories will start to rise. My stories went all the way to the age of three, so when I started talking to myself, to that little girl at the age of three and taking it slow, I started to realize that who I thought I was- I’m not that person. That’s who people told me I was. So, I started tearing the labels off myself… When I started to rise, I became untouchable,” Carla explains about her self discovery process. 

When she was going through her depression, she wasn’t able to own it and go through the hump, but when she allowed herself to stay there and dig deep, she was able to do the hard work. “The cure wasn’t to tell my story to family and friends; the cure was to tell my story to strangers.”

The difference between growing to the top and growing to the top with passion is her faith. God has been with her since she was at the bottom of her pit. She surrendered herself in that place and believed that everything in life has happened for a reason. When she found herself at the top, she realized that she could help other women who have found themselves in a bad place grow out of their own pit. “No longer was it business, but it’s personal… You have all the faith in the world when the lights are on, and you know what’s going to happen, but somehow your faith starts to question when the lights are off… I just started running in the dark and going hard when I was in this pit and trusting God.” Coming out of her pit opened the door for others to see her journey and ask her how she had come out of it. 

When anxiety, fear, or depression creep up she owns it, she doesn’t suppress it. She isn’t mean or rude. If pressure rises, she takes a step back. She doesn’t apologize or people-please. “Every time I feel like I’ve over-extended myself with that madness, I say, ‘That’s who I am, deal with it. Don’t apologize, you’re powerful. Leave it at that.’”

Being authentically herself makes her run at a faster pace and get more done. She meets more goals when she isn’t constantly stopping to meet everyone’s expectations. Her day starts at 4am and it doesn’t end until she decides it ends. When new clients walk in the door, they are sometimes surprised that she is exactly what they see from what they have seen on her social media. “I wake up every day knowing that I’m going to change someone’s life, make someone laugh… I have these goals on a daily basis and I get them done because tomorrow might not come and I appreciate life because I almost lost my life, I almost gave my life, I’m not supposed to be here… I’m an incredible human, I say that proudly.”

When she has set goals, she always has the end in mind, and she knows she is going to get there. “There will always be setbacks,” Carla explains, “But I visualized it, and I took steps to get there… I never took steps back.” She invested in coaches, accountants, mentors, and attorneys to learn what it means to be a better businesswoman and asking good questions always with that vision in mind. 

Carla is on Tik-Tok, Instagram and Facebook @azfigure, she has websites for her business and podcast at badassagents.com & dothework.com