How To Find Your Ideal Clients

How To Find Your Ideal Clients

One of the biggest keys to successful marketing is to determine who your ideal client is – to find your niche. You don’t want to work with everybody. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “He who works with everyone, works with no one,” and it’s true all across the board.

Know Thyself

The first step, though, to determining your niche and who your ideal client is, is to put the work in to figure out who you are. Knowing who you are is important because you don’t want to be working with people who have competing views. You don’t want to be working with people who are going to drag you down and wear you out. You need to know how you best communicate, and what your values are before you go after your next client.

Why do you need an ideal client avatar?

Why is it important to know who your ideal client is? Because you are not just a real estate agent. You are not just selling houses. You are working with people. And in order to be successful and build the business and life you want, you have to be working with the right people. It’s not worth the stress or mental energy to work with people you don’t like. And once you know who you want to work with, it makes it that much easier to craft your email messages, draft your marketing plan, and network.

Specificity Brings Referrals

Think about if you are at a networking event and someone asks you what you do. If your response is that you are a real estate agent, you will not be memorable and there will be no reason for that new contact to refer anyone to you. Now think about what happens if you describe yourself right out of the gate as “a real estate agent who works with X type of person with Y characteristics who is looking for a house in X price range.” (Maybe you work with families with kids who are looking for a family-friendly home in the $150,000-$250,000 price range.) The person you are talking to may know immediately of someone who he could refer to you that fits your ideal profile.

But what if that new contact says “I don’t know anyone like that, but my friend is looking for a real estate agent – would you work with him?” That is a powerful question. Asking you if you would be willing to work with someone puts the ball in your court and gives you the upper hand to decide if this person is someone you want to take on as a client.

Psychological Triggers

So much of sales and marketing is psychology. Knowing what your ideal client is worrying about will allow you to answer those worries with specificity.

Take some time to start studying the branding and marketing you see around you. Those companies who know who their ideal client is speak directly to that client in each message. That is what you have to do as well. And, once you figure out what works, don’t change it. You don’t need to create some fresh new message every few weeks or months. You know who you are talking to – speak directly to them. Craft your marketing message to say specific things to specific people.

Don’t Settle

Identify the people you want to work with and get rid of those that you don’t. You are offering exclusivity. You are offering your best to work with those who will best work with you. And those people you don’t want to work with? Refer them to someone who can better serve them. You do have a duty to try and find the right person to help that client. Being open with potential clients and saying that they might not be the right fit for you creates so much confidence in their minds. It’s powerful social proof to refer away prospects to someone who can better help them.

Remember, identifying your ideal client will not limit you. You are not excluding yourself from the marketplace. You are simply singling out the people who you can best help. Determine everything you can about your ideal client and use that information to market to that client. Doing that will make your business explode and enable you to live the life you want.


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