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Bob Tompkins is a 28-year-old Real Estate agent out of South Carolina.  He has been an agent for five years, but both of his parents were Realtors, so he has been around the industry his entire life.  Bob creates amazing video content and uses it to generate leads and gain exposure. He has not had to rely on cold calling or prospecting because He attracts business through entertaining and appeals to people through having a good time and being himself.  His interest in creating entertaining videos stems from his love for writing since he was very young.  When the song “Old Town Road” gained popularity, Bob thought it would be fun to make a parody for realtors. Once he released it, he got a tremendous response and saw its potential to bring him more business. When asked how creating this type of content impacts his business, Bob explains, “The fact that I do listing videos for the houses and we try to keep those light and entertaining, I create other real estate content, and just other fun content in general people see it, and they know that if they were to hire me as their agent, they’re going to get high-level video marketing for the property that they are trying to sell..” He creates content so that it incorporates what he loves while also adding information and value and showing that he is an expert in his market. 


Bob explains that creating successful content that will impact your viewers and inform them of what you can do takes time and intention. “Make sure that you’re actually putting an ample amount of effort into it.” He adds that if your goal is to go viral, you will have to realize that it is unlikely. He believes that marketing should be a top priority in your business and not an afterthought. 


When asked what advice he would offer to people creating video content, Bob says, “You have to start off somewhere where you are completely comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, that comes across so obviously the only way that you get better at anything in life is repetition. Putting yourself in a position to be in front of a camera Constantly doing something you enjoy is going to make you way more comfortable.” He explains that you may feel like nobody wants to see what you create, but it is not valid. Share what interests you and what you are passionate about, and it will draw people in. 


“Every book says know your market and know who you’re marketing to, my opinion on it is market to yourself. Market to what you know you would consume, and you would enjoy because there are communities of people around you that enjoy the same thing.” 


If you would like to connect with Bob, you can find him on Instagram at Bobtompkinsrealtor.