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May 11, 2020
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May 22, 2020

Episode 65: Interview with Barry Jenkins


On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast we met up with real estate mastermind, Barry Jenkins. We talked all about Barry’s journey in the industry, bouncing back from difficult times, and some great advice on how to build an authentic brand. 


Barry bought his first home at just 18 years old. He flipped that home and realized that the real estate industry would be much more financially beneficial than his job selling shoes. After a few years in the industry the housing market crash of 2008 sent his career plan into limbo and Barry had to find a way to support his family. During these times he sold insurance and steel buildings, learning valuable lessons in how to turn a lead into a customer. He took these new found skills and put them back into his real estate ventures, creating for himself a new problem. Barry was selling 10 homes a month! By himself!


He made this happen by putting in the work! Barry says that in 2008 he was holding on to faith that leads would come to him. Now, Barry likes to say he, “prays while he calls people”. That is a great lesson to learn. You can’t sit back and hope that people will come to you. You have to take that step and position yourself so that you’re out in front of potential business. If you don’t want to make calls, if you don’t want to knock on doors and don’t want to put your marketing out there you’ll never make the amount of deals that you want. 


Hard work alone won’t get you all the way there, however. You have to build an authentic brand that people know and trust. You want to be the first person that comes to someone’s mind when they begin thinking about buying or selling a home. One way Barry and his teams like to build authenticity, is by bringing value to his customers. Barry uses the, “give 3 times and ask once” strategy. This lets potential customers know that he doesn’t just want their money, he wants to build a real relationship with them. 


Ultimately, if you’re positioning yourself for success, building an authentic brand, and bringing value to your customers, your chance of success in this business is much higher. 


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If you would like to get in touch with Barry his email is barry@yourfriendlyagent.net